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AP US History 10 – New England Notes Pt. 1

AP US History 10 – Southern Colonies Notes #2

The College of William and Mary (1693) The first college in the southern colonies Georgia formed 1732-33 – last of the original colonies – Established by James Oglethorpe – for English debtors and petty criminals – a social experiment: initially, no alcohol or slavery, but this didn’t last – acted as a buffer between profitable […]

AP US History – Southern Colonies Notes, #1

AP US History – England Notes

AP US History – AMSCO Terms 1.1

AP US History – exploration notes pt1

AP US History – Ch 1 Terms, Pt 1

AP US History – exploration notes pt2


AP US History – Europe Notes

AP US History – First Americans Notes, Part 2

AP US History – First Americans Notes, Part 1

AP US History – Essay Format

AP US History – Maps

World Map (blank) Europe (blank) US Physical Map (blank) US States

Advanced US History 10 Syllabus

Advanced Placement US History 10 Syllabus, Ray, 2014-15

AP US History 10 – Required Book

AP US History Students (and Parents), Your summer assignment for AP US History 10 is to acquire a specific additional book that will be used in our class: United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination by John J. Newman and John M. Schmalbach The above┬álink will take you to the Amazon page for […]