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AP US 10 – Industrialization & Good Feelings Notes

Industrial Revolution – change from man-made to machine-made goods. Change from skilled labor to unskilled labor.  Mass Production Interchangeable Parts Samuel Slater – brought textile mill plans from Britain to New England                               

AP US 10 – Constitution Notes 2

AP US 10 – Constitution Notes 1

AP GOV Unit 1 pt. 3

AP GOV – unit1 pt2

AP GOV – unit 1 pt 1

AP GOV – unit 1 pt 1

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A list of the notes for each of my classes can be found at the links below: AP Government & Politics AP US History 10 Please email me at if you have any questions

AP & Honors US History 10 – Jackson Notes Pt 2

AP 10 Tests

Delayed until Monday 4/14 & Tuesday 4/15. To complete going over questions and people missing for play.